Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sayifah's rant: an repost

sayifah's rant: an repost: "I wrote in my blog a few days ago about bill cosby and his comment on the black community and added my own opinions some which seemed to ran..."

an repost wrote in my blog a few days ago about bill cosby and his comment on the black community and added my own opinions some which seemed to rankled a couple of people this is good but they seem to be uninformed. You cant paint a detailed picture with a broad brush when you do its called profiling. Not all schools run by blacks or have a majority of black teachers.African americans are not a big black blob resting on the continent of America. We are individuals who are in different situations because of different events that occurred in our lives.suzy might be acting whorish because she wants to be a video whore but Jane might be acting the same way because she was introduced to sex at an early age by an relative or family friend.looking from the outside you would only see two loose girls .Who's the wanna be gangbanger who's the undiagnosed dyslexic.problems like these have to be dealt with on an individual basis.if you were in an emergency room with a lot of other people and the nurse came in and said since you are all sick I am going to give everyone the type of shot.What would you say?    

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

pass the dutchy redux

I was standing in my driveway one day when a car with two young ladies pulled up asked me where was the funeral gathering for so-n-so was.well i don't know so-n-so nor where they see in the black community we have a after party and we have a after funeral.and there are some people who follow funerals just for the gathering afterwards .The thought of free food make some people do strange things.i have crashed a couple of family reunions myself. But when you have been driving for hours in way back Georgia and the kids are hungry and the nearest restaurant is a kajillion miles away and you see that church sign that's says so-n-so,s family reunion you just pull in a say hey cuz I haven't seen you in ages. I bet you don't remember me, guess who .You just keep talking while the kids fill their paper plates and run back to the car.then on as if on Que you say where's those brats of mine. they are so wild, let me go find them.then its back on the road again and damn if the little hellions didn't get anything for me, just a lot of sweets.i might be the reason why the people at reunions wear family t-shirts now they should start doing that at never know who,s there to pay respect to the decease and who,s there to pay respect to the chef. theres a lots of food at black funerals most are the type that probably killed the decease,pigtails, pig feet,well lets just say the whole hog and chicken cooked in every conceivable way. But no fish I don't know why .You would think that that,s what they would need to feed the multitude of people who didn't know the decease but all agree to a man that his people can show throw down in the kitchen

Saturday, March 03, 2007

trip to albany

its friday and inspite of an impending storm i made that trip to Albany to pick up my daughter for spring break there will be none that booty shaking in Cancun for her or girl going wild in Daytona either well shes not that type of girl anyway shes not really into wild behavior or as she says acting stupid anyway we did find a fastfood takeout called hip hop chicken in east Albany Ga couldnt find the burger pimp though

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

spring is in the air

yep and soon i,ll be picking up my daughter from albany state university and people girls do not travel light. so i had to rent a mini van and for a teenage freshman with stuff it was too mini,they are going to deep clean the dorms so i have to take everything she says,and i,am not just talking mini frig and microwave i am talking clothes and shoes and everybody knows shoes plus teen female equals not enough room.but i could understand i was a teen once in the far distance past and i know that shoes and outfit must coordinate. anyway if you make that trip down rte 82 stop at the burger king in hinesville and give a thumbs up to the troops getting breakfast they arent marines but they are alright.and when you pass by the paper mill in jesup look down at the river and see if you can see blinky the three eyed fish and the cotton fields along the way waycross is a pretty interesting town to stop in and has alot of interesting places to visit it has a river that flows through town and a lot of nice places nearby

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

cats away

i took my troubles down to madam ruth well not really but i did take my cat down to animal control. you see i have to many cats so i thought one of them will have to go deciding witch one to give away wasnt hard the pregnant one has got to go i know it seems cruel to put a woman out when shes full of babys but being known as the cat lady isnt so great either besides i already have seven cats suppose each of them have seven kits that might be good for meeting men on their way to st ives but do you think they would date a cat lady. cat woman maybe. cat lady i dont think so. well the burly looking lady. yes she was burly looking , takes one look at the cat and says did you feed this cat .i wanted to say no the cats fat because shes retaining water .i should have said what the hell does that got to with it take the damn cat. what i did manage was a weak yes.she looks down at me, did i mention that she was burly, and says you fed it its yours. i said yes maam.i took her to the animal told them i found it and they said they cant take founded cats so iam stuck with a cat thats about to drop a load and the other cats dont like her maybe thats why she went out and got pregnant she wanted to have someone to love that ll love her nah she was just a cat in heat and iam the cat lady